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What you'll find here: mainly Super Junior, Shinee, B1A4, BtoB, Vixx, Bangtan Boys, EXO, and any other group that currently has my attention.


From V to Taehyung in 3.2 seconds.


From V to Taehyung in 3.2 seconds.

Bangtan Bomb Rewatch Meme // 010: a crib full of sleepy Bangtan Babies ft. wide awake Taebaby & Baby Jungkookie’s toothbrushes (???)

Bangtan Bomb Rewatch Meme // 009: when imitating Taehyung somehow turned into imitating Jimin’s drunk relatives (ft. lost_child.jpg Jeongguk)

WGM Global Ep 3 Preview

third meeting // ‘Hello Cherry Oppa’ (2nd here)

Puff is so done with her husband.

Uhmm.. Puff please understand. He is really normal. I swear OTL


Global We Got Married season 2: Arisa & Key

K: Why are you ignoring me?! Ari-chan? *thumbs up*
A: *complies with thumbs up* Key-oppaaa…..
K: *desperate* I brought you ddeokbokki!
A: ….Fine, I’ll eat it.

WGM press conference

Naughty Heenim attacks