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koala hee

you’ve got a kiss from precious 83line


it seems like everyone is having fun at Super Show 6


and then here’s me


Who has the biggest boobs in SJ? Kyuhyun~

Henry told those fans who gave gifts to him not to spend money buying those gifts for him. He also told it’s not necessary to buy albums. He said you can save a money to buy a house, fans told him money is not enough to buy a house. he laughed and said but you can save it and buy things for yourselves, you should treat yourself better.

I HAVE 100% respect for this guy.


well baekhyun at least you tried (x)

when jongin takes a selca with the security guard...

in case you didn’t catch that, he’s kyuHYUUUN

/heavy breathing/

dear eunhae stans, i hope you meet someone that hugs you to cheer you up the way donghae does it for eunhyuk


eunhyuk’s ment @ 100th super show

Baeksuchen screaming together with the fans

Super Junior’s leader first ment at Super Show 6 after two years: "Even though we met at SMTown, but this time it’s just for SJ, for ELF. That’s why this is more special.” 

Wecome back our leader!

which member doesn’t listen to you the most?